“Assalamu alaikum, I am delighted and grateful to Allah for the excellent services offered to me by Ansar Finance. I urge all my friends and family to access the services of this excellent Islamic Financial Institution.”  [Mrs S K]


“I joined Ansar Finance in 2004 and ALHAMDULILLAH  I have never had any regrets what soever.I have taken a reasonable amount of loans from Ansar and in fact it is not the money that matters most (because I can equally get it from other financial institutions)but the fact that it is interest free.This  gladden my heart at all times as I look forward to Allah’s promise to those who obey HIM. I  introduced a couple of friends who are still active members. Ansar finance is really helping people avoid giving riba.This is a good course which is highly rewarding.I will recommend Ansar finance to all Muslims .I pray that Almighty Allah continue to help  support and sustain the organisation. May Allah reward the organisers bountifully in this world and the next. Jazakumullah khair  [Mrs M B]


“I had two credit card loans which I was unable to pay off and have been making minimum payments for over five years. I paid more interest than the original amount over this period. A friend of mine mentioned Ansar a year ago and it was only after a year I requested Ansar application forms and more details to apply for the loan to pay off my credit card loans. I quickly received the requested details. The form was very simple and easy to complete which I submitted with necessary documents.

After fulfilling the requirement Ansar asked me to come for an interview where they agreed an affordable payment plan and paid me the loan the next working day. I immediately paid off my credit card loans and requested cancellation of the credit cards. InshaAllah I will be able to completely pay off my loan from Ansar in few years without paying any interest.

Ansar has been very kind, helpful, professional and prompt in dealing with my application. I wish I knew about Ansar before than I would have paid my credit card loan long time ago or may not even have to apply for a credit card loan. I will highly recommend Ansar to anyone who is in a similar situation like me and sooner we come in contact with Ansar the more we can avoid paying interest on our loans.

Thank you Ansar for your efforts to eradicate interest from our lives.”   [Mr S F A]


“Due to some financial difficulties I ended up consuming all my  credit cards. I was paying interest for the past year and was struggling financially.Thanks to Ansar finance i am now living an interest free life. This organisation has helped me overcome my credit cards debts. These people are doing a great Job. Their commitment to the DEEN and professional attitude of the team is incredible and commendable! I do pray that ALLAH (SWT) give them the much needed resources so they can keep helping people out of interest and eradicate it from other lives as well. Thank you very much once again.”   [Mr Z K]


“When my house was damaged through no fault of my own, I turned to Ansar for emergency support. Ansar helped me to rebuild my life. It is the only organisation I know that does what it does. Without them, I really don’t know where I would be today.”  [Member “K”]


“I would like to congratulate the Ansar team in waging the war against the corrupt banking system. You are not alone , every sane person who is fighting the riba based system is a part of your initiative.”   [Asst. Professor Amjad Khan Suri]


“I have been fortunate enough to have been able to benefit from the small loans firstly to help with my son’s wedding a few years ago, and again, more recently to help pay a debt… I wish Ansar Finance every success in the future.”


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