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Ansar have been helping people for 25 years, educating them about the evils of interest and providing interest-free loans.

Whether you need a loan or want to help others by donating,  join us and you too can make a difference.

Below is the Ansar cycle,  where if any of the steps are missing Ansar will not be able to grow and assist the many people in need.

*Over £4 million now given out in interest-free loans*

#1 Say No to Interest

Firstly, we help you get out of debt and usury yourself. Click here to apply for an interest-free loan. (Priority is given to reduce existing debts and subject to availability). 

#2 Become Financially Free

Secondly, access our money school, business club and many training events aimed at teaching ways of how to keep out of debt and interest by becoming financially stronger. 

#3 Give Forever

Thirdly, we encourage you to donate and elevate spiritually . By giving to us once, we can use your donation to help others like you, over and over again. This is a forever giving charity.


Watch Emotional Stories of Our Sisters and Brothers | Ansar ~ Life-Changing Support Through Islamic Finance!

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