Our Mission & Vision


Ansar – literal meaning ‘helpers’ in the Arabic language. This was the name given to the helpers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) in Madinah. We aspire to take lessons from the ‘Ansar’ and bring them to life in the 21st Century. As a result, we have been providing life-changing support by means of granting interest-free loans, since 1994, as one of the first providers of Shari’ah based finance in the UK. We are an established and registered charity passionate about building a better financial future in the UK.


The Ansar Team

Our Goals

Relieving Human Suffering

Although our focus is helping locals in the UK, we hope to support many urgent appeals around the world.

Quality Education

We are probably the only charity in the world providing true alternatives to all types of interest. We teach about money and how individuals can be stronger in the community where they share wealth rather than taking advantage. 

Zero Hunger

To see people in debt and homeless is the most terrible feeling when we know the money system is causing most of this. We believe by giving people the tools to work and trade they no longer need to go hungry. 

Good Health

A healthy bank balance has everything to do with the physcial and mental state. Therefore, the overall results of our work will result in relieving the stress and suffering of people victim to usury

Islamic Finance

Conducting groundbreaking research in Islamic Finance to launch future projects such as Student Finance, Business Finance, Save & Invest, Home Finance and much more.

Charitable Loans

Granting interest-free loans to those in financial hardships. Transforming their situation by empowering them to avoid Riba’ and help others.

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Part of Learning about money and business is being around likeminded, energetic people who have the same goals as you!

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