Want To Help Us Help our Community? There are many ways to do it!

All our funds and energy are channeled into uplifting people now and making sure the next generation will be wealthy because they knew everything about money, business, and usury. So you too can become part of our family, our tribe and in the process benefit in all aspects of your life.

So how do you become a member of the ansar community? 
Once you share our vision and goals of helping the world get rid of usury and aim to build a fair financial system then we can get on. You then need to show some commitment and make a monthly donation for a min of £10 per month. And then we will regard you as one of us, an Ansar tribal member. You can of course go a step further and get tribal inauguration! but that’s a different story and we’re still trying to figure that one out.
Stop taking interest yourself. If you have any amount of monies saved in a bank or building society you are probably earning a return (INTEREST) of around 2% to 5%, So firstly you have to stop earning interest on these savings. We will help you with that and show you how because all of our tribal members can benefit from our Money School.
Reduce your borrowings and we will help you pay off your loans, mortgages asap via our loan fund. Reduce your overall borrowings, whether they are interest related or non-interest related. We will take you under our wing and work towards putting money in your pocket so that you can achieve this.
If you have any teenagers in your family, they get free enrolment to our Money School. If you are older then we will still have lots of online material where you can also learn.
the graduates from the money school will eventually get involved in our business club, which is our own marketplace for members. Here we will put into practice what we learn and create our marketplace in the form of a business club. Here you can have access to the member’s directory in order to
utilise their services or acquire employment. You can be involved straight away if you have a business. If you haven’t got a business then we can help with that too.

Make A Donation

We are the only UK charity dedicated to providing interest-free loans to help those in financial hardship and debt poverty. This would not be possible without donations from people like yourself.

Become A Volunteer

Ansar appreciates the contribution you may have to offer. As an Ansar volunteer, you will be right at the heart of our work to promote our services and to provide life-changing support through Islamic finance.

Make a Real Difference

We dont just feed, clothe or shelter people. Our support gives them tools to be onm their own feet and able to become strong so they can take care of themselves. 

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