This is your chance to get involved and say NO to Riba!

Interest Free Finance is Real!

Ansar has been helping people for 25 years, educating them about the harm and problems caused by interest (riba) and providing interest-free loans.


See how an interest-free loan has helped this family (or individual)

Ansar ~ Life-Changing Support Through Islamic Finance!

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Loans are only possible because of donations!

If you don’t need a loan, why don’t you help others with a one-off or regular donation? Your contribution will keep on helping others as loans are repaid – the sadaqah jaariyah gift that keeps on giving.

Ansar Finance Group Ltd (T/A Ansar) Is Not A Broker.
We only offer our own product and services and do not offer financial advice on products and services from other finance arrangers or provider.

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